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Hey guys so I’m looking for some input from the group. I’m getting rid of my 2011 FZ8 and upgrading to the FZ09. I know the issues that plagued the 2014/15 models and then what was furthur ‘corrected’ between the 16 to 17 models, so my question to you is if you think it’s worth getting a new 2017 over a new 2016. I love the new front end appearance but have heard the new headlights really don’t make a huge difference as far as functionality. I like that the new models include some added safety features as far as ABS and TCS, the slipper clutch, new mapping, redone fork/suspension, etc. but a lot seems to be shit guys are replacing anyways…so what’re everyone’s thoughts? I don’t want to spend an extra grand or two for a new bike only to spend another couple grand to make upgrades that I would’ve done on a 2016 anyways. I can easily rationalize to myself buying the brand new model so I’d appreciate some objective advice!

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  1. 14/15 models were plagued with issues?! When? Lol

  2. I’d personally opt for a 14 and mod it to your liking\nEspecially how low they can be found now

  3. I’m in the same boat as you. I’m probably going with the 2016.

  4. I bought the 17. I love it but i wish i didnt buy it new

  5. Totally worth the extra, get a 17

  6. I bought my 14 brand new and have about 3grand in shit done to it.. but it feels good knowing that your the only person who has had the Bike!..

  7. 17’s headlight sucks balls.

  8. I like the Cyclops look on the 14 15 as well

  9. I don’t remember my 15 being plagued with issues…people on YouTube need your attention for views so everything is sensationalized. If you find a clean 14/15 for cheap then go for it. They’re awesome. If you want to spend more money for the same experience then have at it I guess.

  10. Issues that plague the 14/15 models? On the super early model 2014, it did have the cam chain tensioner issue, and the factory remap necessary, but other than that, I didn’t know of any major issues. I bought mine brand new in August of 2014, 24,000 miles later it is still completely flawless, and at 20K miles when I checked the valves, they were still Within tolerance.\n\nMines for sale btw… lol

  11. My 15 has had zero issues.

  12. Has anyone done the projector retrofit for the cyclops headlight? hows the lighting at night??

  13. The answer is yes

  14. Has anyone changed the entire headlight on a 14-16? Or just upgrading the actual bulbs? I put a $30 HID eBay kit in my current FZ8 and it’s fairly bright but I’m always one for more light!

  15. Let me just add that I’m finding new 2016 and 2017s that are only 2-300 difference in price. I’m not opposed to used but the warranty is def appealing. I bought my current bike used w 6k mi but it came w a transferable extended warranty from dealer.

  16. 2016 love it

  17. I have a 2015 and I wasn’t plaqued with issues. Still have it and I love it..

  18. Had this exact same question before making my purchase. I’ve rode both and can assure you the extra money you spend for a 17 is well worth the upgraded suspension. And safety features

  19. P.s the motors are the exact same since 14. Great motors with very little issues.

  20. Also forget what year but I swapped my rear shock for a gsxr shock. Night and day difference.

  21. I bought a 16, love the style and color, no issues and love the bike

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