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Who do you guys go through for insurance?

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  1. Dairyland. 250 a year full coverage in nj

  2. Progressive via Culver insurance brokerage

  3. I have progressive but just recently was quoted Geico and foremost. Progressive was still much cheaper

  4. Progressive through an independent agent.

  5. $70 a year for liability. It’s either totaled when you wreck or fixable.

  6. Progressive quoted me $475 a year, Geico quoted me $9300 a year ( yes almost 10k). Guess which one I went with?

  7. Farm Bureau

  8. Another vote for Progressive

  9. Funny story is im 18 years old and I went and bought my first car a subaru WRX and they initially wanted 580$ a month for full coverage and that was just about any insurance company. Then my moms progressive lady called me back and said that’s the best she can do. I said ill be in there in 20 minutes. I drove there and then went through negotiating and how 580$ a month was just purely insane. After pulling some strings I was able to get it down to 177$ a month B^) Progressive is the way to go. Dairyland wanted over 700$ a month screw that place.

  10. State Farm. $10 a month liability. $70 full coverage.

  11. Geico quoted me $900 a month. I went with American family. $114 a month full coverage, $500 deductible, uninsured motorists with roadside and towing. Live an hour north of Atlanta and I’m 24.

  12. Dairyland is great for motorcycles. But not autos. They insure all 3 of my bikes full coverage for half the price progressive was going to charge me just for my fz09

  13. Idk but it’s 500 a year full coverage and I have a ticket

  14. Progressive

  15. Dairyland for me. $68 a month full coverage. I’m 24 with a clean record. Everyone else wanted 2k+ a year when I first purchased my fz.

  16. Progressive. It’s not dirt cheap. But geico told me 10k as well and farmers told me something crazy too. Would be in for cheaper options. I think I pay like 120 130/mo full coverage

  17. 500 a year full coverage

  18. 31 with a clean mvr and I pay 26 a month with dairyland

  19. I was 50 a month with dairyland full coverage lowest deductible, etc. 21 years old.

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