Funny story (this is for you Geoff haha)


Funny story (this is for you Geoff haha)

Tonight I was waiting in the designated right turn lane at the lights on William St to turn right onto LIttle Lonsdale. I head checked, nothing behind me. The light turned green, there was no oncoming traffic so I start turning right… and almost slammed into a scooter with a passenger that came flying from behind me up the tram tracks to turn right (cutting me off illegally and dangerously).

And then he STOPPED right in front of me! I emergency braked and stopped an inch from his bike. I’d almost slammed right into the idiot!

I beeped my horn and rode around him to keep going down Little Lonsdale St. But the idiot had sped up and he was RIDING BESIDE ME. I was going about 20-30kmh.

He then started grabbing at my mirror and kicking at me! I immediately slowed down to a stop, thinking I’d let this jerk ride off. But he stopped as well, still trying to kick me and grab my mirror. He was yelling at me “why you beep at me asshole! Why you beep at me!”

I kicked my stand down, turned the engine off. Then said to him, “Ride away, mate. Forget it.” But he kept calling me an asshole, so I told him he had cut me off illegally and that he should ride away.

Meanwhile his girlfriend riding pillion was saying to me, “sorry sorry sorry!” over and over, than slapping her boyfriend on the back telling him “You cut him off you idiot!”

Angry Little Scooter Guy was puffing his chest out and saying, “come on! come on!” while still trying to kick me. With his girlfriend still saying “sorry sorry sorry!” and abusing him for cutting me off.

I repeated for him to ride away and learn the road rules buddy, it was illegal and dangerous. I got ready to ride off and leave this fool in the rear view mirror.

My usual reaction is to stop my bike, pull over, chill out, ignore it and let them move on. Let it go, like that song from Frozen!

But this douchebag was still acting macho with his “come on asshole!” big man act, chest puffed out.

And then he GRABBED MY MIRROR AGAIN and tried to scare me with a fake punch…

So I stood up, losing my temper pretty bloody angry with steam coming out my ears now and ready to deck him… and the look on his face! I must have scared the hell out of him when I stood up and no longer looked like a little Grom rider. He looked like he’d peed his pants. He sped off like a rabbit, his girlfriend on the back still saying “sorry sorry sorry!” and hitting him.

I chilled out for 10 minutes, I didn’t want to encounter the little douchebag again in case he decided to do something stupid again.

I am SICK TO DEATH of scooter riders, almost always international and with pillion passengers, cutting me off on right hand turns. I see them do it to cars too (and cars do it to me all the time as well). It’s at the stage now I try to plan my CBD rides so I don’t have to do a right hand turn.


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  1. You have the patience of a Saint I would have put him on his arse as soon as he was any threat

  2. Tell me about it.. Damn they keep cutting me off while Im in the car bro… They and them cyclist friends..

  3. Agreed, come across many scooter riders, especially the Chinese ones who don't seem to know the road rules and are possibly using an international license doing dumb and reckless shit in the cbd

  4. It's got to be the yellow Grom and fluro yellow vest that attracts these idiots? They can't claim they didn't see me!

  5. I imagine he was wearing shorts, t shirt, open face mask? – scooter safety gear

  6. This was outside the children's court on Little Lonsdale by the way. It'll be on CCTV, maybe I should ask for a copy? I've got to get a helmet cam, this would have been a classic.

  7. Get a drift cam. Even the hd ghost would do, cheap as now. Camzilla!

  8. Before anyone goes any feather with this, just letting you know most of asian international ridder your guys seen on a scooter is Malaysian

  9. It happens to me nearly daily riding home out of the city. It's uber/deliveroo riders as well. Doing 40km/h in the city I had two at The same Time, one under takikg and the other overtaking. Grinds my gears.

  10. wow! you have patience!! i woulda dropped probably just after ‘i kicked my side stand down and turned off the engine' … part.

  11. Lmao… I found the fucker!

  12. Yeah they're getting really bad in the city…… no respect for anyone

  13. I have a dashcam in the car so if I clip one that cuts me off I have evidence of them doing it.

  14. I probably would have invited the girlfriend onto my bike

  15. I have been riding for a while and there is a lot of respect between bike riders but these scooter riders are absolutely crazy with their scooter safety kit(open face helmet, shorts, sometimes things and two feet hanging off the scooter with a passenger).
    You would see them sometimes riding on footpath as well.

    I had a scooter rider once kept citing me off on every red light I would stop through the city and then I whispered to him about his actions and he still kept doing it.

  16. Fat white scooter guy in a business suit did the same thing this morning, cut me off on a turn. Probably because he was freezing his butt off! He got stuck between a car and a tram turning, then almost hit a pedestrian.

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