Thank God the Stryker are fast


So I took my Stryker for a nice cruise yesterday had a pretty good time but I had a group of bikers roll up next to me at a red light they told me to get a real bike and I was just stumped because as far as I knew my Stryker was a real visible object that can be ridden so I asked the guys how they were riding if they were blind the one didn’t take to kindly at the comeback I tell you what thank God the Stryker are fast because speed sure saved my bacon

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  1. Funny i get nothing but compliments by all type of bike riders

  2. Most of the time I do to but these guys didn't seem to like it

  3. Have yet to get a bad comment on mine … if anything, I get compliments on it from other bikers as well as cagers .. happened twice on yesterday's day trip ..

  4. Tell them to quit covering up their vaginas with bravado.

  5. Who cares what people ride as long as you are out there enjoying it

  6. What were they riding, sport or HD??

  7. Don't let that bother you too much. They're just upset you have a bike just as nice as they have but for a fraction of the cost.

  8. That's why I refuse to buy a Harley, people like that. And they're way over priced

  9. I've nicknamed my bike to the neck breaker because It turns so many heads and people always compliment It. Actually yesterday at work people were slowing down to look at It before they came to me and i talked to an older guy on a tricycle. Found out he had a 60s soft tail and he got rear ended at over 60 mph at a light and was in a comma for 6 months. First thing he said when he came out was “where's the bike”

  10. I had a guy on a Harley challenge me to a drag at the lights. I was on my R1!
    He was still next to me when I changed into 2nd at 100km/hr!
    We nodded respect at each other and went our own way.
    That's how it should be, unless they're on a scooter! That's not a bike.

  11. I ride with a group of Harleys, my brother rides a Harley but they all love the styker. They just wont let go of the HD. I like all bikes, it's my wallet that does not.

  12. I'm just happy to be able to ride, doesn't matter what make/model…we all have preferences and what we can kinda afford. I will still wave at you too 🙂

  13. Shit bikie in usa must be all kinds of mad . Bikies in aus have one rule it has to be a cruiser lol .

  14. What bike where they riding ?

  15. At least you showed them what a real bike can do, if they were real bikers they would understand, it's all about the ride! Plain and simple. You've encouraged me to take my Stryker out for a ride, thanks

  16. been riding my whole life and never could understand the mentality that what someone is riding excludes you from being a "REAL" bike rider and 99% of the time it's the HD crowd . the sad thing is 90% of them are just candy asses with deep pockets and bet if you went to there house you would find a jap car in the driveway !

  17. I love my Stryker

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