Do aftermarket upper crash bars do anything?


Do aftermarket upper crash bars do anything or just look cool? Ya think the extra weight is worth it? This bike was posted in BMW 1200 LC worldwide FB group the other day and got me thinking it's a gimmick…

Do aftermarket upper crash bars do anything?

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Answers ( No )

  1. I had an accident with the GS std with the upper crash guard from Touratech and yes it saved a lot of parts of my bike but other things was broken. For the GSA someone else will answer.

  2. The bike would not stop and rest in this position without the upper bars. They are not necessary in my opinion. The bike just bounces and returns to the position where it rests on the cylinder protection. Did lots of falling with mine. Mine is GSA as well.

  3. RHS cylinder head cover after a speedy exit stage left. OEM crash bars saved bike from further damage, however I’ve since fitted extra protection to the repaired bike to prevent reoccurrence of damage should history repeat itself. ud83eudd26u200du2642ufe0f

  4. The bar protection protects only when falling on pavement or grass.

  5. No scratch on the tank after this – just on the crashbars

  6. The valve covers on the 1200 engine have a high magnesium content which makes them lightweight but less strong than the 1100 and 1150 models. I’ve seen a stone puncture one on a 1200 when I did the BMW off road trading in Germany. So to answer the question, yes I think they will offer you a better level of protection. There are also aftermarket head guards available too if you don’t like the iron works that crash bars deliver.

  7. I have the upper protection on the GSA and they saved me from damage in rocky terrain in Morocco. They are extremely useful in rocky terrain.

  8. I would say the side case saved you. The bike usually stops there.

  9. No way a gimmick……. After 5 days in hossie I was amazed how little damage to my GS, such that I didn’t bother with an insurance claim. The Wunderlich bars did a great job and I rate them higher than the BMW predecessors removed because of protection failings….. The choice is yours….. Ride Safe and maybe you won’t need bars………. maybe.

  10. In my opinion the Touratech lower crash bar reinforcement is way more important than the upper crash bar extension (GSA) and much lighter too!

  11. Here is how the bikes are set up at BMW Enduro Park in Hechlingen. These bikes get on the ground a lot. I saw many flying, flipping and being dropped, but none of them was taken out of course because of the damage. They repaired them in the evening and next morning they were ready again. Most of the time, the brake and clutch levers were broken or some plastics flew off.

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