Cycling within a group while listening to music?


Discuss: cycling within a group while listening to music.

I am totally against it. If by earbuds, it’s dangerous. Openly, it’s obnoxious (tastes vary), and why does the activity require a musical score anyway?

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  1. Yeah it's not appropriate in a group but when you ride on your own you can get away with it. I ride with one ear bud in when I'm on my own and off the main road

  2. Man, I totally agree with you. I have a hard enough time hearing traffic all the time as it is, ear buds not only make cars harder to hear and distract to some extent, but gives the rest of us a bad name.

  3. I only use one earbud but only when riding alone

  4. The other thing to me, anyway, is the beauty and meditation of nature's "music" when I get away from traffic. For those who use heart rate monitors, your pace can adjust with music while instead you should be really letting the heart adjust the workout.Just my thoughts…

  5. Because i like to listen to music. I do one ear only.

  6. I personally would not want anything that stops or limits me from hearing the traffic. Its dangerous enough out there already.

  7. I would have to be on a trail with no traffic.

  8. I have to shove them so far in my ear to drown out the wind that's deafening enough. But I wouldn't with a group, being so hard to hear.

  9. I have a stereo on my Harley too! I feel lost without my music on the road, but when I mountain bike, no music.

  10. I'm not doing anything that might interfere with my ability to hear traffic around me. On bike paths, I want to hear other riders coming up behind me.

  11. I only use earbuds and also only 1 ear. That way I can still hear traffic and communications from others when there are any.

  12. Definitely not on the trails, when I'm on the road every now and then I will listen to music, but I always have the volume way down, just enough to hear. The noise of traffic and what have you is easy to hear.

  13. When I ride in a group, there's usually one guy playing music we're all listening to. On my own, I have a Boombotix Bluetooth speaker. I like music. It helps me go faster.

  14. Hearing traffic and yes other cyclists is a must. No music.

  15. I don't care, I ride with my stereo on, can ride twice the distance with some tunes, no earbuds gotta hear the traffic, don't like it, don't ride near me.

  16. Some people really enjoy music as do I but wear earbuds and except the danger because I respect those around me and there's you.

  17. I've been debating this for myself. After 30 miles, I feel like I'm distracting myself with my own thoughts! LoL. I ride solo, I may try the one in the ear next ride. Mtn Biking, I just sing to myself when I feel the need.

  18. I personally don't listen to music while I ride but I know some in my cycling group do. Doesn't bother me at all

  19. Unto each, their own, is what I say.

  20. I don't listen to anything, but can't judge others who choose to

  21. I don't care that someone else has buds in. Unless it affects my own safety. The two worse accidents I've had, were caused by other cyclists.

  22. We have a guy in our Rail trail group who has a small speaker dangling off this hydration pack music blaring out of it! So bloody annoying to force others to listen to what he likes! It's noise pollution, especially on trails where there natural sounds to listen to.

  23. I'm a group ride leader and we do not allow earbuds on our rides. You need to be able to hear traffic, other cyclists, and the leaders (some times we yell “stopping” because we can't do hand signals and emergency brake at the same time and we truly appreciate not being run into from behind.

  24. No never in a group situation

  25. No music for me

  26. I use bone conduction head phones which allow me to hear everything around me while still enjoying my audio books. No one else can hear it. I can still hear anyone talking or cars etc without issue.

  27. I listen with a wireless speaker and have had music on many group rides. So im all for it. But I'm also not understanding your objection on it, when we all listen to music in a car. Or are you against that too?

  28. ware earbuds to block the wind and if i got a destination to get to i can hear google maps telling me directions other wise no music

  29. No, not generally. I will whip out the Bluetooth speaker for bike parties though.

  30. I listen to music in one ear whenever I ride

  31. It's each riders option to use or not.. I love my music but I don play it loud in my earbuds

  32. 1 ear bud for me.

  33. So, a couple things…first, I too love music. Almost all types of music. But here's part of my point, cycling, at least to me, is a means of getting away, communing with the great outdoors. I feel the same about sailing and music. There's a time and a place, but not while under sail or cranking over two wheels. Anchored or chilling with a cold beer or a coffee, let the music flow.
    I know, personal preferences, but just hearing AC/DC, during a paceline hammering, ticks me off.

  34. It depends on the group and the circumstances. I occasionally go on a full moon bike ride and listening to loud music via a Bluetooth speaker while riding is common. My bicycle helmet has a pair of Bluetooth speakers built into it and I listen to music on this ride and a few other group bike rides. Fast paced music really motivates me to pedal fast.

  35. I've never ridden in a group so I can't say, but whether motorcycle or bicycle, I concentrate and maintain road focus a lot better with some music playing. I'll throw a set of earbuds in and play whatever the mood of the day calls for. Don't worry though, it's a low enough volume I can still hear my surroundings though. I would agree that in a group, someone blasting music from speakers would get old really quickly.

  36. I always thought a big part of group rides was socializing. Can't do that with buds jammed in your ears.

  37. I love music, but, I am not to the point (confident enough) to block out the outside world. Besides, I like hearing what is going on around me.

  38. I mostly ride by myself so i use a bluetooth speaker that i put in my side bag. Then when i know im going to be at a stop with people i turn it down.

  39. I personally don't like to ride in groups of people I feel like that's more dangerous. Music helps me stay motivated and that's why I listen to it while I ride, just one ear bud though.

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