Do you wave to other cyclists as they come towards you?


Do you wave to other cyclists as they come towards you?
If a cyclist is having problems with their bike, would you stop to assist them?

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  1. Absolutely to both!

  2. I acknowledge other cyclists and if someone is stopped I ask if they're ok. Hopefully Karma for when I break down and we have to support each other, as enough people are against us.

  3. Yes and always.

  4. always and if I see that they stop I ask if every thing is ok

  5. All ways wave,and all ways stop to assist.

  6. ive assisted and ive been assisted

  7. Of course. As for how much help is actually be if there was a bike problem, but I always ask.

  8. Yes and yes. Remember, we're reallynthe only ones that are sympathetic with other cyclists.

  9. Yes and always

  10. Yes and yes

  11. Yes and Yes. I hate it when they don't wave back. #unfriendlypeoplesuck

  12. Yes and yes..

  13. Yes and yes. Raise the fingers on the left hand while maintaining touch with the handlebar.

  14. YES and YES,

  15. Yes and yes!

  16. Of course, we're not Harley riders…..

  17. Yes and yes.

  18. nice positive post…just turned off notifications….i get the gist.️️

  19. Yea I wave unless I'm just so beat I'm barely thinking. Yes I ask or have stopped to help others. So far it is a 50:50 of bike stuff I carry for helping myself or others

  20. Yep and most definitely!

  21. Yes, and yes.

  22. Yep on both.

  23. I nod and ask

  24. Absolutely to both!!

  25. Absolutely & Yes

  26. Yes on both

  27. Yes, everytime. I wave at runners and walkers too. I once even spoke to a runner I very nearly ran over early one morning.

  28. Yes and I always ask if they need help!

  29. I am 62 and bike on the trail by myself it's a BIG comfort to me when someone asks if I need help. I never have some times I still have to walk up the hill but love that we all care about each other

  30. I stopped one time and asked if help was needed. The Guy said no but I could tell he had no clue how to change his tire and to make matters worst it was his rear tire. So for the next twenty minutes I talked about how to change a tire. I Could not understand why any one would be Embarrassed to ask for help.

  31. Yes and yes! Of course.

  32. I always wave and always slow down and ask if they need help.
    Walking into work one day a lady was pushing a bike and cursing the poor bike. I asked if she was ok and she said the chain slipped off and was stuck. 5 mins later it was fix and off she went and off I went to get a bollocking for being late for work and turning up with oil all over my hands. Was worth the bull shit I got off the manager 🙂

  33. Yes, and yes..

  34. Yes, I always wave and I always ask. If they need help, I always stop.

  35. Yes on both accounts! Always! You never know when that cyclist might come along when you need a tool, food, or some air.

  36. As a bike patroller for, I always wave/stop. (Carry extra tubes/water and tools/food/first aid. No charge.)

  37. Ah hmmm hmmm hmmm thinking, thinking, I'm not AAA- of biking, i hate people, ooh wait im not a motorist, i am a cyclist hell yea to both. I will also say Good M-A- Or E. And ask if they are ok

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