Can someone explain the purpose of a chamose?


Ok, Serious question. I am just getting down to a size where I can fit into cycling clothing. can someone explain the purpose of a chamose? if its required for cycling or optional?

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  1. Ideally your sit bones, your chamois and saddle should all work address one system. On longer rides they add a ton of comfort and makes sitting on a rock hard perch much more pleasant.

  2. Padding is very helpful.

  3. It stops your arse getting destroyed, I'd consider it essential

  4. It's all about padding.

  5. Will change everything…

  6. Originally was for fiction reduction,

  7. I never use it.

  8. Decent seat and wicking underwear = no chamois necessary.

  9. It's required. Otherwise the thought police will come for you.

  10. I tried going without when I first started. After about a month I bought some shorts with a chamois. I have never cycled without them since. That was in 1996.

  11. The first time you ride and your ass gets sweaty and you stop for a bit to take in the sights or eat, when you get back on the bike, you will chafe and regret not having a chamois. I've never needed the butter or cream, whatever they call it.

  12. Wear your regular shorts on a ride, then immediately after change to your bike shorts. You'll FEEL the reason.

  13. Shorter casual rides optional. Longer rides, mandatory. Chamois Butt'r is your friend also on longer rides.

  14. Most cycling clothing is designed specifically for the sport, your comfort, and to help you petform better. Get into it and see what works best for you. Think function and comfort. Chamois is padding that keeps you comfortable on a long ride. So, you get a better workout, have more enjoyment and less distraction. Check it all out.

  15. You can get a padded liner, and wear baggy shorts over them, if you don't like the look of spandex. Best of both worlds

  16. Remember you do not wear "underwear" with cycling shorts!

  17. The chamois is just an extra pad between the seat and your butt. For me, it really helps with comfort. And once your butt gets used to riding, it may not be as essential, but early on, It will definitely help.


  19. Never used it myself

  20. If you are riding longer than 1 hour I would consider essential. Under that preference.

  21. If riding longer than 5 hours a day, the micro-climate produced by chamois is a guarantee of saddle sores for me. Every single time. They don't "breathe".

  22. Personally, I only ride in jeans!

  23. I find that the modern bike atttire hot an stuffy a cotton shirt an demin shorts work just fine an they are cheap at the second hand store

  24. Chamois were/are designed to stick to your skin so your thighs and "tender parts" don't get rubbed raw. Do not wear anything under them, wash them at least every other ride, fit them tight enough for compression and loose enough for a wide range of movement, avoid thick or lumpy pads, spend more money get better comfort and longevity.

  25. I wear baggies for mountain biking but I can't seem to find padded liners that fit right.

  26. You must have! And get a bib!

  27. Love riding in bib shorts wouldn't go back to normal attire now. If a casual ride I may wear baggy shorts over the top of my bib but very rarely…

  28. I wear bibs under my baggie for mnt biking and just my bibs and jersey for road riding.

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