Buell/EBR Riders


Why do I feel like Buell/EBR riders always have something to prove?! 😀

Tony Sockittome 6 years 7 Answers 1182 views 0

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  1. Red headed step child… harleys dont like them nor do the jap bikes

  2. Is that why they wanna ride with the scooter group?

  3. Colby Bradfield dude that was hilarious.Once at bike night there was around 70 sport bikes and 1 cruiser. The sport bike guys were shunning him. Here we come rolling in on scooters 12 deep. The cruiser guy comes over to greet us and we all looked at each other thinking “this doesn’t happen much”. I love my Ruckus even more than my bike.

  4. Because they are compensating with that big ass brake rotor

  5. Just trying to show off the underdog… Not everybody wants the same 5 bikes

  6. I think it goes hand in hand with the fact that a lot of people who own one have it with a sense of pride. A causal person just buys a mainstream name, but if you buy Buell and especially EBR, you are very likely to have done research on them. So when you’re out and about tons of people have no idea what you’re riding and you pretty constantly are asked about your bike. That leads to more research so that you can better handle questions. Of course people aren’t just content with riding what they love and appreciating others so when the underdog/castout is brought about we stand alone in a small corner. But hey, I don’t mind it, I love being unique and for those that say oh buy that extra 2 hp or something.. I’ll never be able to ride my bikes on the street to the capacity that they’re built. Your bike is an extention of your personality and reflects your style, that’s why I ride them. Plus the torque 😀

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