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Anyone in this group ever order China farings for there bike? Mine shipped out on the 10th and the last update was on the 13th and tracking has not updated since. Anyone ever have this problem?

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  1. China takes 2 weeks at least only get a update when it’s in the USA

  2. You’ll wait about 20-30 days till you get your items.

  3. Ok it shipped threw China EMS

  4. It take 3-4 weeks for delivery

  5. Ok this is the tracking number. I am using after ship and USPS to track it with with different stuff showing

  6. 20 days, them paper plates be atcho door

  7. That’s how everything I have ever ordered from China has been. It will show up eventually and feel like Christmas!

  8. Overseas shipping won’t show up till it makes it to customs

  9. This is what I got. The ones on my bike now are busted and scraped up from the guy I got it from. He layed it down going about 50mph so I plan to try to fix them bit don’t want down time in my bike

  10. hope you mean the 13 the following month.. china means weeks bro. gotta wait two weeks atleast no tracking thats what you get when ordering from china but save moneyy

  11. Little Chinese boys still are making them.The front cowls are the hardest for them,they have to rely on the master assembler,a 9 year old who can hold up the cowl while they complete it.

  12. Takes a while needs to go through customs. They inspect shipments when they feel like getting to, no hurry on their part.

  13. I’ve done many Chinese body kits. Takes forever to ship and you can bet that it won’t fit perfectly. Very brittle/ fragile. Looks good though.

  14. This is kinda the reason I got them lol my front cowls are being held together by riveted metal plates

  15. Where you purchased it? EBay? Have you messenge the seller?

  16. Be careful with them! They are off a bit and have to be modified to fit your bike and they crack if the are forced on so take your time with them.

  17. Yup mine did the same. It takes forever to get a tracking update. It was 3 days shy of being a month before I got them. But once I got them, shit you couldn’t tell them from oem honestly.

  18. Thanks guys for all the tips and help. I guess it’s the fact of having $400 floating out in limbo some where lol. I guess I will do my best and wait.

  19. If it means anything, I ordered an exhaust from China.. expected delivery was Aug 10-30.. it was stuck on Aug 5 as a scanned item in China, and eventually made its way to America on the 23rd or something, and then was delivered on the 28th.. it’s a little sketchy but it worked out for me.

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