Beta X LO code?


Quick question guy's, what's this trying to tell me ? Came on at the end of my ride.

Beta X LO code?

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  1. Speedo display battery is low. May just need re-setting or a new battery. Easy fix

  2. New battery, have to change mine every month

  3. Had the same problem, re-setting the battery solve the problem for me…

  4. Ok thanks all

  5. why does this bike burn through so many batteries? Need to change mine again

  6. it runs on battery !

  7. If the battery completely dies will it affect anything?

  8. Yep..dead battery means your spedo won’t work. .lol

  9. Haha , gathered that but will the hour meter stop counting or you’ll have no oil warning light

  10. remove the seat and have a look

  11. Everything stops working. My battery dies every month no speedo no log of hours..miles. .low oil.etc

  12. Weather it needs it on not i fill my oil bottle up before every ride

  13. Not a very good design then really, I always keep oil tank full as well anyway. Suppose it makes the hour meter an unreliable measure of use for a second hand buyer too.

  14. Has anyone managed to hardwire there’s in or many fit a bigger battery

  15. I had heard that some of the speedo units were bad and it makes them eat batteries. My
    300RR does the same thing. That battery should only be backup for memory. The speedo should run off bike power but I guess they don’t.

  16. Duracel works longer

  17. Why the battery last just a month?

  18. Tenete il magnete che c’u00e8 sul disco freno lontano dalla pinza. La mia battaria ha quasi un anno e funziona bene.

  19. LOL I had the same yesterday apparently neither this or the main battery like the cold> bike sat in the trailer overnight and both batteries were dead yesterday morn

  20. 65MTh 6x battery replacement

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