My oil lights on after 75km | BETA X


Took my bike for a good ride today, problem is it's running way to rich, has anyone else had this problem & what did you do/change? I've read you should get 3 tanks of fuel per tank of oil.. My oil lights on after 75km

My oil lights on after 75km | BETA X

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  1. Looks like an awesome bike cant wait to get mine! Love the force pipe guard hope the chart helps

  2. Can’t find much info about the oil injection system on the net. Does anyone know how/if the oil injection dosage self adjusts to jetting changes?

  3. From what I understand it doesn’t adjust oil quantities, it’s always the same, but from what beta says you can jet it within there chart without any worries

  4. The system is junk then. How can one correctly jet/tune an engine if oil dosage isn’t adjustable.?

  5. The oil does last me 2.5-3 tanks (and I have the larger 2.9 tank) but the oil light does come on early, at maybe 50u0025 capacity so I would just see where it’s actually at. The first time mine came on I panicked. The Injection does vary based on throttle position, hence the TPS.

  6. Yeah she’s pretty low, the oil has splatted all over my pipe & frame (comes out the breather) none out the tail pipe

  7. If interested Beta currently offers an Oil Injection Removal Kit for $120. Here’s a link to the installation (removal?) instructions:

  8. Okay so common misconception here. She’s saying she’s running which meaning too much oil (i.e a richer oil mixture) I don’t believe she’s talking about the jetting. As others have said that’s an abnormal amount of oil consumption as I also get about 2-3 gas tanks full out of my oil resovior before the light comes on. As mentioned there is a warranty issue for the oil injection control computer in some circumstances. I’d contact the dealer you got it from immediately and make them aware of the issue. If they’re any kind of Beta dealer worth their salt I’m sure they will do everything they can to resolve the issue. There is absolutely no need to entirely remove the system.

  9. Remove the oil injection and install Lectron carb and forget about rejetting .

  10. My low oil light came on at 85 miles (136km) but when I added oil it only took 4 oz (118 ml). That is only 18u0025 of full capacity, so the light comes on very early.

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