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Hello, wanting to run the Dragon. When is the best time to do this?

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  1. Daytime…. Sorry had to… Lol

  2. Actually, right now, but I’d expect it to be crowded. Leaves are turning, riding weather is beautiful, but EVERYBODY wants to go at this time. Weekday riding is less crowded than weekends.

  3. Daytime, on a weekday, but not Friday. Ride it in the off-season.

  4. As soon as you get there.

  5. Three of us are riding it the 28th, if you’re looking for a small group to ride with.

  6. Early morning on a week day. Last time I rode it I was on the road by myself over half the distance.

  7. Just not on a weekend. Also, check the website for special days – Corvettes, Miata, Mustang, etc. Oh, and ride it both ways 🙂

  8. I was there last weekend,great time,wish I waited a week for the foliage

  9. I’m running it June 2018.

  10. Anytime in the next three weeks. I would suggest during the week, if possible. Weekends will most likely be jammed packed.

  11. When it’s quiet. Lol.

  12. Want to do it in vacation next year

  13. Now….. the colors are awesome

  14. Weekdays. Less traffic

  15. I just road it on both a Wednesday 1pm and Saturday morning 9:30am on my ultra Classic and only one motorcycle went past me.

  16. Middle of the nite makes 10 times more difficult

  17. Monday through Thursday! Scooters and mini bikes flood the road on weekends

  18. During the week. We’re down here now. Had some good runs today

  19. Wait a couple weeks when the leaves are really turning, you’ll be glad you did

  20. Midnight after downing a bottle of jack daniels.

  21. Stay away from there. Try 151 from candler to the parkway. The Rattler is a great ride, less traffic. Hwy 63 from Leicester to Trust is interesting…..has a lot of curves and switchbacks going up and down what is called Doggit Mountain. Watch the leaves, especially when wet, they are like black ice and so are snakes!!!

  22. The best times are during the week before 10am or late in the day between 230 and 5

  23. This was us last weekend,we went late afternoon on Saturday wasn’t that crowded

  24. I found it easy to pull over to the right and let the crotch rockets go by. I did and the leader gave us a different road to run and thanked me for letting them go. I ran it both ways and had a lot of fun!!

  25. Been there 4 times. Best time of year is in the spring or early summer. Don’t go in the fall!!! Leaves make it slippery. Great place to stay is called the Fontana Lodge right near Fontana Dam and close to the Dragon. They have nice rooms…..a restaurant…..and a BAR! Don’t forget to take time to ride the Cherohala Skyway when there. That was the BEST ride I ever took!!

  26. Middle of the week. That way you’ll avoid most of the crazys. I don’t care how good a rider you are, you can be taken out by an idiot going the other way and riding over their skill level and crossing over into your lane. Weekends are crazy anymore.

    • Like I said,you can keep it,not worried about me but the other knuckleheads! YouTube accidents on the dragon and see for your self.

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