Husky SMR 510 Brembo Breake Problem


Hey guys quick question on My 2010 husky smr 510 brembo front brakes Getting a bad pulsing when applying the front brake hard. First thing I thought was bent rotor or wheel. But I clamped the wheel and axle and fixed a micrometer. Spinning it I found the rotor and wheel are true and no bends at all. Also checked the stearing stem bearings and it’s all good What else can I check ? Thanks.

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  2. New tire? Balence? roundness? Loose spokes? Axel clamp? Wheel bearings?

  3. The floating brack spacers ar bad ?

  4. There don’t seam to be any play in them. How else do i check?

  5. Rotor is warped.

  6. warped rotor indeed

  7. It’s not. Was checked while clamped and spinning with a micrometer

  8. It’s your rotor. That’s not how you check a rotor for warpage.

    • How do I check it then ? If it was bad it wouldn’t spin true

    • That’s lateral run out. Thickness effects the ability of your rotor to “float”. As your caliper does not float. The only way you get pulsing from front brakes is rotor wear. Just replace the rotor.

    • Lift the bike, make spin the wheel and put a marker pen close to the rotor, slowly approach the marker to the rotor’s braking surface, very slowly, until it starts to draw on the surface. If the rotor is bent, the marker will only draw in a certain point. If you are lucky, understood how it was bent, you can try to gently hit the rotor from the opposite side… and make almost brand new. Sometimes this works…

  9. Check the radial run out on the disk ie outside diameter …also check the bushes and washes where the disk outer is connected to the inner…the aluminium can wear in the inner spider and this can cause all sort of finny stuff when you apply the brake…static lateral and radial run out can be fine when the disk is not loaded but can change dramatically is the bushes are worn or the aluminium inner spider is worn…suggest u change the disk if you have another to see if it stops….oh also check that the brake pads are not binding in the caliber when I apply the brake if one does bind it will pull the disk off centre…does the brake lever pulse in and out???….when u apply the brake ???….if so then something is pushing the caliber pistons back a warped disk does not usually do this because it’s thickness is constant ..but a sticky brake pad can give you this feeling…if no pulsing in the brake lever then it’s the disk.

  10. Your caliper needs being redone

  11. its a floating rotor thats worn out..

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