Best Crash Bars For Tracer 900


What’s the highly recommend crash bars brand for 2017 Tracer 900 ?


Mike O’Connell:

One that doesn’t break your frame or engine mount when you crash. I’ve seen more damage caused by “crash” bars than the damage they supposedly prevented.

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  1. Following…

  2. I’ve enjoyed my givi’s the Higdeon or whatever offers the strong skid plate also..

  3. ook gemakkelijk voor de installatie van GoPro…. geen trillingen

  4. givi – battle tested 2 times – works )

  5. None, the frame is weak on that front tab. A hard drop can snap that tab off and even a piece of the engine.

  6. SW Motech

  7. for what it is worth( Since were talking about givi products), givi has made new supports for rear deck for the top case. #19 & 20 in the attached images…if you haven’t snapped yours yet. i got a givi top case V47 & M8B aluminum plate. waiting until march to buy the side mounting brackets r2122 (Givi) or Kappa (KR2122) so it includes those new parts…didn’t know this was going to be an issue until after i got the plate & case…. grrrr…hoping this will fix this issue!!!!!!!


  8. I’ll stick with the Yamaha side bags, they will never need multiple revisions to make a product work

  9. these are supports for the top case… just saying. i have the oem side cases aswell. wanted the top case to store my helmet etc..

  10. You can put a helmet in the fjr side case

  11. my bike came with fj side cases. $$$ gonna have to stick with what i have for now and just deal with it i guess.

  12. Crash bar is good. But i think the frame and the engine that holds the crash bar will not withstand the impact. Some post here spills and the damage of the bike is the engine and the frame. And the bike has a good crash bar though.

  13. went for Yamaha engine sliders and mushrooms, had Givi Bars on but they were ugly.

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