1964 Honda C77 Restoration


High all, I’m after some info I’m restoring a 1964 honda c77 and need to strip the rear shocks so I can have the bottom half rechromed but can’t see how they come apart! Anyone know?

Garry Collins: Cheers Ben I’ll give it a go.

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  1. Don’t quote me on it but I think that you turn the top eye and the bottom eye in opposite direction as if to “unscrew” the shock

  2. Yeah, that should be the way, but take care as the springs are pressurized!

  3. If you clamp the bottom mount in a vice and pull the spring back from the top by hand you should be able to see a steel ring with two flats next to the aluminium top mounting. Hold it with (I think) a 17mm open end spanner, put a long screwdriver through the top mount and unscrew it off the shaft.

  4. They aren’t ‘servicable’ but are easy to take apart. Using lots of Jubilee clips, you can compress the spring, and then unscrew the top eye: every one I’ve done has a normal RH thread and is very tight, but its easy enough. Never tried rebuilding the damper though, they are sealed and don’t appear to come apart

  5. It’s doable (and they are serviceable), but you have to compress the spring. I just made up a spring compressing tool/jig with two aluminum plates and some threaded rod.

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