Attention Rally Owners (2017 CRF250L & Rally Models)


I believe there is a potential problem with the Flasher Relay on all 2017 CRF250L & Rally models. My indicators started working intermittently last week and completely stopped operating this morning. I pulled my bike apart to investigate, thinking that I may have a faulty relay, but it seems to be a more serious problem. The 2017 CRF250L & Rally now have the Flasher/Winker Relay located behind the rear brake reservoir, rather than up by the coolant tank on the 2013 – 2016 models. The relay can get sprayed in water from the rear wheel, working its way into the protective rubber boot and corroding the connections. When i pull the rubber boot off my relay, a surprising amount of dirty muddy water ran out. This water had corroded the contacts. One wire had broken completely off and a second wire fell off as I inspected the plug. You can see the green corrosion on the contacts of the relay and plug when i pulled the pins out. My local Honda dealer quoted me 2 weeks before they could even take a look at my bike, so i decided to fix it myself. I started off by cleaning up the Relay and fitting 3 fresh connectors directly onto the Relay Pins. I then applied heat-shrink before reinstalling the stock rubber boot (making sure there is a gap around the bottom of the rubber boot to allow any water ingress to drain out). Next, I cleaned up the 3 wires on the loom and fitted a new 3 way socket that i had going spare, before fitting the mating plug to the end of the wires of the Relay. After plugging at all back together and checking operation, I then put heat shrink over the new 3 pin plug and socket before sealing it up with electrical tape. I then mounted the Relay up above the cylinder head underneath the tank and frame. This should be a much better position, and if it is to get wet in the future, water will easily drain out of the rubber boot. Hope this information is of use to you guys. Please let us know if anybody else has this issue, we may need to contact Honda about this as it is a serious fault. Far a bike that is designed to go off road, having a relay that fills up with water from riding really isn’t good.

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  1. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks bro, going to tape mine up before that happens

  3. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for this post. I totally agree. I recently put in an LED flasher relay and I couldn’t believe the location choice Honda made.

  5. Thanks! Ill check mine out!!!!!

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