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Weight question…

Yesterday I did a test drive by the Honda dealer here in the Netherlands. What a great bike. Thinking about switching my xt660z Tenere next year. Just got back from 26.000 km in 3,5 months to mongolia and back. I want to use this bike for Africa, Trans European Trail and other fun things.

Now I noticed this sticker. Max 4,5 kilo’s? My body weight is now 96 kilo’s but I wil bring it down to 83.  Need to exercise man! Do I need a better shock at the back?




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  1. 4.5 kilos for the rack – 159 kilos for you and … someone else or something else!

    • So the weight of the mounted optional rack or the stuff you put on the rack must be max 4.5 kilo’s

    • Yes, the frame in the tail section under the rack is quite weak.
      The rear shock is OK for most people, but it is best to increase the pre-load as it is generally set very soft from the factory.

    • Steve Mitchell Thanx. I noticed that yeah

  2. there are subtle difference on the ’17L and rally. it is essentially still the same bike. The removable rear subframe is the same. An aftermarket muffler is much lighter than the OEM. What you remove feom the muffler may be added capacity to carry on the rear subframe section where the muffler is attached.The Amsterdamtoanywhere pair have fabricated side racks that survived their 110,000km trip. The also use the Hyperpro rear shock with the optional remote knob to adjust preload and ride height /sag. No need to hammer or remove the shock to adjust! but Hyperpro recommends 20,000km servicing of the hydraulic seals. They learned the hard way. We can learn a lot from their experience through their blog.

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