Anyone have thoughts about Campi vs. Shimano?


Anyone have thoughts about Campi vs. Shimano? Will be in the market soon, and would love to experience Campi. Always had Shimano (always great!). Some shops have tried to steer me away from using Campi because of expense, customer service, and they claim many shops may not know how to properly maintain a Campi gruppo. Interested to know what the group thinks. Thanks!

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  1. What about suntour

  2. Why tho.

    Maintenance intensive. Not as nice.

  3. I agree; Shimano is always great.

  4. Sram and shimano are reliable. End user serviceable. Easy to source spares. Any one and their mother could probably work on them

  5. And campi doesn't give you anything the others dont.

  6. Campy. It's a doddle to maintain. It's durable. It has excellent ergonomics, and functions perfectly. A shop that can't properly maintain Campy is also a shop that can't properly maintain Shimano or SRAM.

  7. SRAM Red Etap

  8. Anyone have thoughts about Campi vs. Shimano? Ha Ha – yeah, probably not !!! 😉

  9. It's like thoughts between Toyota-Lexus vs Fiat-Ferari

  10. Switched to Campy long ago and wont use anything else. Shimano is for fishing rods

  11. I say try it! Must be a reason all the stubborn old roadies swear by it

  12. I'm a SRAM person.

    But the biggest reason i have against Campi is lack of options for wheels and sprockets. Shimano and SRAM are interchangeable so if you want something different you can get it easily.

  13. At this point it comes down to taste.

  14. I've run Campy on 4 bikes over years. Sure there are some issues because it's not everywhere. But so solid and reliable. Any shop that doesn't know how to work on Campy is suspect amyway. Not different than Shimano enuf to warrant such ignorance. Last MUCH longer and u cam get evem the smallest of pieces to fix things. With Shimano, you gotta replace the whole thing.

  15. campi is complicated

  16. I used Campy on a few bikes when it was deeply polished aluminum. Now that everything is dull boring flat black it just comes down to price and weight.

  17. This is an interesting topic – any expert bike mechanics out there that can weigh in?

  18. Campagnolo has only 10% of the Components. Market

  19. Campi wears in Shimano wears out

  20. Campy breaks in……Shimano breaks down

    Campy works itself in….

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  22. If you can afford it, Campy is a beautiful thing.

  23. With Campy, you can always find replacement parts and it WILL last longer

  24. Campy is like a sexy Ferrari.

    Shimano is like a Toyota. Works well but pretty boring stuff…..and super ugly.

    But I don't really use either one since I mainly MTB these days and SRAM owns that market…

    Just saying, if I was playing roadie boy, it'd be on Campy because you only live once. Why do it ugly?

  25. I've used all in the past and prefer Sram over all.

  26. Vino, not sake….

  27. Had both over past 20 years. Now I'm sram on 2 and shimano on 1. Nice my wheels are interchangeable since I having matching cassettes and specs from bike to bike.
    Love shimano for the low cost replacement rings and cassette and chain vs $$$$ campy.

  28. About price — I have run Dura Ace, Campy Chorus and Super Record. I can say that Chorus is at least equal to with DA. Record and Super Record are WAY superior. DA and Chorus are about = in price.

  29. I've have dura Ace and campy super record eps v3 I prefer campy for quality and beauty

  30. Replaceable parts on shifters. Different ergonomics for shifting.

  31. Oh yes, price.

  32. i want to try campy also….. but definitely prepare for premium price tag….and it is true that there is not as easy to find parts comparing to Shimano….

  33. Campagnolo Record 10sp user here and loving it!

  34. My 2 CX bikes run 10spd SRAM shifters and derailleurs, but Shimano chains and cassettes. A lot of mud, rain, and road crud, but still run smooth

    Campy may seem sexy, but is $$ and less likely to be available at your local shop. I know an 11spd hydro braked thru-axle would be better than what I have….but while I'm not a slow rider, that inconvenience won't make me fast enough to justify it

  35. Have bikes with both. Much prefer Campy.

  36. Years of mechanics and personal cycling told me that Sram is hands down the best in functionality, weight, more user friendly, (the list goes on and on). You won't be disappointed. ANY GROUP SET THEY OFFER BLOWS AWAY THEIR COMPETITION

  37. Campy gives a satisfying audible clunk when changing gears. Shimano, tuned properly is almost silent.
    Campy has a (personal opinion) nicer fit to the hoods and the ability to travel half (almost) the cassette in one shift. Shimano relies on how quick your fingers are.
    But the most important difference is the fact that Campy will always get people to go “ooh aah” when they look at your bike. Doesn't matter if they are an 80 year oldrolleur or a 17 year old spinner

  38. Most of my bikes have vintage Campy components, but I have done so many miles on my Dawes Fireball and find this Shimano Arabesque totally reliable and very stylish.

    Shimano 600

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