What is a good bike for beginners?


Thinking about taking up biking as a hobby what is a good bike for beginners

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  1. comfortable seat, nice shoes is worth it, not a heavy bike but not a brittle light one either. Check your requirements and that will thin the herd on what to look for.

  2. I've had 'em all, and I gotta tell ya – get the brand you'll actually ride EVERY day.

  3. Go to a local bike shop, esp. one that sells used bikes, and see what they have that fits you and your needs.

  4. I ride only the best!

  5. It's not a hobby it is a lifestyle addiction

  6. You will love it. Just find a bike that is comfortable for you to ride.

  7. Congrats and welcome! I started with a basic aluminum road bike- Cannondale and loved it. Great for social road rides and doing the MS-150, my first triathlon, etc. After riding that for a few years I switched to carbon frame which is much lighter but not entirely necessary when you are first starting out. Depends on your interests though

  8. Well my first bike was a penny-farthing, so yeah get a penny-farthing you can't go wrong!

  9. Have a look at Giant good value for money.

  10. One that fits you.

  11. Just find a bike you like…. step back gather information then make a decision. Firstly you need to know what kind of riding you want to do, that will determine what type of bike you need.

  12. One that is fitted to you.

  13. It depends where you want to ride, on pavement, off road, trails, mountains. What will you do with it.

  14. MTB or a giant defy

  15. A mountainbike hardtail with smooth tires. That's the Swiss knife of bikes.

  16. Pick up something decent. Better than a big-box brand. Used bikes are a great value and for $50-$60 bucks your local shop can tune it up for you if it's not already working perfectly.

    Own two inexpensive rides- one mountain bike, one road, and see which you enjoy more.

    Plug into a club. Your local shops can make recommendations.

    Have fun!

  17. Tricycle or a low rider bike. . I kid I kid. Road bike, I ride Felt F4 and love it. MtB for the adrenaline, I ride a Niner Air 9

  18. Any bike will do.. See to it if u really on to it. Then buy the best bike ur budget can buy.

  19. The problem is if you just get on any bike and your not comfortable and you don't try a bike that actually fits you, you might stop riding before you start + don't forget you will hurt on your first ride that is your ASS will hurt, so this is a thing that happens to everyone! Ride more often that part will go away!

  20. Buy a nice seat not a race seat . Then your goods won't hurt

  21. Get a fixed up road bike. Tune it up and ride

  22. Be prepared to have your entire life taken over and loving it.

  23. On road or off road? What is the budget? How far would you like to go? I like mixing it up but I use a Jamis quest elite I can run 23 to 32 it has fender and rear rack mounts if I want to go stealth camping on long hauls. It has rim brakes but here in Ohio it's rolling terrain but not mountains so disks are not really needed. I prefer simplicity not a lot of special tools needed on a steel road bike with all the cables exposed if something goes wrong while out but it's all about what you plan to do with it. What ever it is make sure it fits I'd go to your local lbs's they will fit you and have decent bikes tuned and ready for you to wear them out

  24. A pedal-assist ebike will give you miles of smiles 😀 get you out as often as you like without exhausting yourself, whilst getting fitter and having more fun!

  25. I like Cannondale Synapse with Shimano 105. You can pick up a used one for around $600ish.

  26. Go to your local bike shop and ask them. They should consult with you. None of us on here has enough first hand information to sensuous advise you.

  27. Trek….hybrid?

  28. How much do you want to spend? Get it at a bike shop not Walmart!

  29. Buy used and take it to get fitted. Buying used first will be cheaper and then decide if this is for you. Decide first what style you want to ride. Road bike, MTB etc.

  30. Find a used Trek Navigator and change out the Bontrager tires for a set of Town-n-Country from Continental. This is a "trail" bike, but also ideal for city riding.

  31. What type of biking do you want to do?

  32. Fat tire bike. The ultimate beginner thriller bike

  33. There is no wrong bike, try em all, if you love ️ it god help you, in a good way

  34. Try different bikes at your local bike shop to see what fits you best according to your budget, interests, and riding style. From there start narrowing your choices down tom 2 or 3 bikes, then decide from there.

  35. 2 wheels and a saddle, 2nd wheel optional

  36. I have sold a ton of bikes. You want to ask yourself what is your realistic image and what is your dream. Also find out what type of riding is easiest to get to.Then go to a reputable bike shop/s and get something in the $500-$1000 range (based on goals). The shops help is very important for a first bike because it takes some real knowledge and experience to order one online.
    Make sure to test ride it and take the one that makes you feel like a kid again.
    If you really get into it you will probable get a more specialized bike in a couple of years. If not you have a great ride for many years to come.
    Good luck.

  37. Just a tad bit of advice having made a mistake after a 22 year lay off. If you are going to ride where climbing or distance is an issue, buy a bike with a mid level group. I am buying my bike over again (overhaul worth near the purchase price). Your need to spend @ $1200 US for a decent road bike, subject to sale items. It is, what is.

  38. I never purchased a bike in my life, I just build them myself with parts that I source wherever I can. The benefit is that if your bike broke down you know how to fix it.

  39. Depends where your gonna ride, might be best with a hybrid would not go for a road bike unless you just intend to ride on the road my preference is hardtail

  40. I would say that you should find a bike that is fun to ride and get it fitted properly. It's no fun if you're hurting. Hopefully it will become your passion and you can bore your friends and family with bike talk.

  41. One that fits properly.

  42. Pay as much as you can comfortably afford.

  43. Growler Bikes

  44. For me all bike is good what ever beginnner or pro

  45. The bike that fits and you like!

  46. Go to a good bike shop. They'll talk with you to assess what kind of riding you want to do, what your budget is, and most importantly, help you get the right fit. Can't do that part online. A good bike salesman will put you on a bike that fits your body and budget.

  47. RENT a bike first. A hybrid bike is a mix between road, cruising and mountain bikes. This will allow you to determine what kind of riding you enjoy most, ie cruising, fitness, off-road.

    It may seem like a waste of money at first, but it will save you hundreds down the road, and buyers remorse.

  48. I say go to your local bike shop…see if they rent and try a few … but a hybrid flat bar is a good beginner ride…

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