Any suggestions on lift/tires and snorkel kits?


Just picked it up…now for the lift and 32’s and snorkel.

Any suggestions on lift/tires and snorkel kits?

Any suggestions on lift/tires and snorkel kits?

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  1. Moheadzcustomz arms with puck lift and oem xmr snorkels

  2. Should of just got the xmr.

  3. I just picked up the same model!!lol

  4. 200kms on mine love it!

  5. Question on lifts…

    Looking at Moheadz lifts…does the pucks change the ride? It seems they are just compressing the springs.

  6. Snorkel it yourself. Very easy to do.

  7. If I could go back I’d go with a 32-10×18 mtc

  8. Need LED lights or audio hit me up! Enjoy the ride.

  9. Suggestions on roofs also would help.

  10. Todd Chauvin I’ll have a metal audio roof for sale shortly. Only reason I’m selling is I’m doing a custom build. Here’s a rough pic. Has 4-8′ speakers with RGB light with Bluetooth EQ, and marine amp.

  11. Where you are located, Ben?

  12. I’ve have a 2018 xt-p dealer said shocks can be adjusted pretty high. He said just count the rounds on each shock make sure it will come up even. The xmr doesn’t have adjustable fox shocks. Best ask dealer I haven’t changed tires yet.

  13. Seen this one at the dealership near me. 9′ lift on 37s

  14. I have a set of can am XMR snorkels that I bought for mine but have decided to not install them beings it’s mainly farm use and not much play anymore brand new in the box never actually installed that I would sell just to get them out of my shop. Can’t return since I opened them and took the plastic off the snorkels

  15. I have a set of portals

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