3-4 inch lift for Defender


Brand new defender, looking for the best 3-4 inch lift without increasing my width due to trail restrictions! Anyone got a suggestion or review?! Thanks

3-4 inch lift for Defender

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  1. Love my catvos 3" lift

  2. Naturally when you lift, it pulls your wheels in slightly. You will actually be slightly narrower with a lift. Then you will actually change the center of gravity an be more tippy. When going up, you should also go out a little to compensate.

  3. I went with highlifter 2′ kit and love it. No change to width.

  4. Scott Meshell at Catvos has something for you.

  5. I can set you up with some LED’s for those headlights to light up the trails. Best 5 minute mod you will ever do!

  6. I did the rage 2" with highlifter forward arched arms

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