Any suggestions for bikes comfortable for long distance


Any suggestions for bikes comfortable for long distance under 10k(used ok). This would be my first bike, female-5’6 160lbs 🙂 Also what style handle bars have u found best? Thanks!

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  1. K1300gt. Fantastic

  2. anything that ends in “glide”, road, electra, ultra, dyna etc.

  3. Plenty of 1800 Goldwings out there for under $10,000. Power, ride, and dependability.

  4. It’s your first bike, focus on fitment, and getting a fair deal, worry about the perfect touring bike after you learn what you don’t like about your first few bikes. Short answer is you shouldn’t listen to anyone but yourself.

  5. Hit as many demo ride as you can

  6. I have a 2006 R1200RT. I just finished 15,000 miles in 2017. I bought it with 18K and now have 49K. Great touring machine.

  7. Harley’s ride 12 miles or trailer to the event then ride 12 miles.  Never change handle bars.

    • Not true, had a bike the was almost un-rideable for me with stock handlebars, after I upgraded it is a great bike. Only reason I don’t ride it more is the other bikes are more fun.

  8. 11 years ago ibought a gl1200. i ve rode a 5k trip n a 2500 k trip. loved it. im 5.10″ 166lbs. still have it and only now thinking of upgradeing

  9. Don’t get a Harley if this will be your first ride. Consider the cost and knowledge it take to maintain a bike and what your budget will allow. HD is an expensive bike if you can’t do most of the work yourself.

  10. I’m biased but I wanted something not too heavy and fun to ride but versatile and the VFR800F (interceptor) in ‘Murica checked all the boxes…530lbs wet…400km range on a tank, fun to ride yet all day comfortable and can be still bought for around 7K new.

  11. Go to shops that have used bikes and get permission to sit on them. Try to vision the reach to the pedals and the handgrips for and hour at a time. Are you stretching, is it comfortable? Then after you decide on what might be a good fit, ask around to rent one. There are places that have used bikes for rent. Then get out there and test it. You should be able to know in a four hour rental if a bike is manageable and comfy. And don’t decide on the first one, rent three or four before you decide.

  12. For what it worth I’ve put on 60000 kms on my NC700XA, from Alberta Canada cross Montana , Wyoming, north and South Dakota , Easy maintenance, cheep operating costs , and will handle interstate as well as the back roads ,, Also rove the Tail ,,

  13. Suzuki Bergman Automatic transmission Antilock breaks Step through Good resale great starter

  14. Can’t go wrong with a burgman. Been to the west coast on one from Wisconsin. I even have one for sale.

  15. I’ve ridden 800 + mile days on 3 different bikes and I found all three comfortable to different degrees. The first a Hayabusa a few simple mods and it was a great bike (for me) to tour on. The second a 1982 Suzuki GS850G little Work but once taken care of it is a bulletproof bike and great to tour on. The seat is comfortable and with the Vetter fairing on it wind is no issue at all. Finally the third and most comfortable a 2017 Harley Road Glide, that bike can eat miles and miles.

  16. I’ve got over 96k miles on my Street Glide. It’s a heavy bike. A friend that rides started on a little Honda 25 Rebel until she got used to traffic. Now she has a Harley Softail Slim, & she’s about 5’4″ & if she has 2 cinderblocks in her pockets, she might weigh 130. Test/Demo rides, rent…check out a bunch…when you find the right one, you’ll know.

  17. I’ve noticed that the Triumph Bonneville and it’s variations like the Bonneville Spreedmaster are very popular with local women’s motorcycle groups. Personally I like Triumphs.

  18. Doesn’t matter what anyone says or recommends. Your body is unique and what works for them won’t necessarily work for you. My recommendation is look at how you sit when you relax, hanging out watching tv or reading a book. That’s YOUR comfort position, then look for a bike that positions you like that … leaning forward or back or sitting upright, then make adjustments to handlebars and peg placement to fine tune.

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