What is the range of CRF 250 Rallys on a full tank of gas?


I realize there are a lot of variables involved, but generally speaking, what is the range of our 250 Rallys on a full tank of gas?

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  1. I’m getting about 120miles on a thank

  2. After brimming the tank I went nearly flat out 75 mph on the dash for exactly 100 miles on motorway and light came on. Filled up and it was just over 7.5 litres. Clearly 2.5 litres left in reserve.

  3. I have heard it will do about 165 miles full to fumes.

  4. Obviously depends on riding style as well.. I’m. Personally 0-100 on the tarmac ASAP.. LOL..But that’s life and living in Indonesia..

  5. Motorway cruising at 60-70-80 mph in Morocco I got 130-140 miles before I ran out … which I did :-/

  6. I’ve hit 140 miles once before refueling.

  7. 147 when last bar started flashing. Have been running it in though so taking it gently. Done 350 miles now so would expect the mpg to drop slightly now.

  8. As a learner taking it easy on dirt roads and nothing over 100 on the bitumen I’m getting around 300 km

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