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I have a issue with my seat soaking in water when it’s raining then soaking out the seams when I sit on the bike. The rain seems to collect along the left hand seam and soak in through the stiching, it then comes back out the seam onto my arse. Is this a known fault or have I got a dodgy seat?

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  1. Try a seat cover when it rains?

  2. Saddle soap the hell out of it. Leather is a living breathing thing. It needs constant maintenance.

  3. Saddle soap only cleans… You need to mink oil it quite heavily making sure you pack it into the seams… At least two coats.

  4. Like the racks on the bags, nice color too!

  5. Leather honey

  6. So ya dont like ya vagina wet ??? ???? Get a car

  7. My husband had the same issue when on a trip it rained over night….he immediately bought a seat cover and it works great!!! It is because of the holes from the stitching.

  8. Nice ride – have the same 2017 SF

  9. They all do that. You have saddlebags. Carry a seat cover with you.

  10. So you mean to tell us, that your seat gets wet when it rains??? WAAAAATT??? LOL


  11. I know that it’s tough to break repetitive advice from people but any type of oil is bad for leather in the long run. Leather wants moisture, not oil. A little may be fine but too much actually will replace and repel this moisture with oil and then it’s just a matter of time before it breaks down. Glycerin is best because it attracts moisture. Then use Lexol as a top coat to lock it in. Also, get a seat cover to protect it from rain.

  12. Plenty of advice here. So I’ll just say-love the racks on the panniers

  13. I don’t know the answer to that, but I love that bike!!

  14. I noticed those too (lid racks) please tell me that is $304/pair…. and not each….it really doesn’t specify.

  15. Oil is only good for the underside of the leather. Any oil or petroleum-based products will break down the Finish and allow the absorbent underside of the leather to absorb more water. Oil should only be used once or twice a year. The surface should be maintained with some sort of Wax. The wax helps to seal the pores keeping the oil in and the water out. Repeated wedding and drying Cycles are what hardened leather and dry the oil out of it. When that happens the cell fibers cannot Glide past each other when the leather flexes So eventually it cracks. There is a product called doc Bailey’s that works well. If you have white stitching on your seat then use the doc Bailey’s clear. If your seat is all black or you don’t mind turning the white Stitch black then use the doc Bailey’s black. The black has a black pigment in it that helps fix blemishes and scuffs.

  16. The fun of riding a bike

  17. I hope it’s not the nature of the seat. My harley did that and I had to recover the seat to correct the problem.

  18. Every motorcycle seat does that over time. If you don’t cover them, then you live with a wet ass for awhile, part of riding a motorcycle!

  19. I love the blue and silver. If I upgrade to another Indian it will be this. Good looking ride!

  20. Use a boot brush and leather wax, work it into the seams to seal and protect leather.

  21. Use an old longhunters trick to keep your leather dry. Mink oil and beeswax.

  22. Go to! Best fitted covers I have found yet.

  23. Is this a known fault or have I got a dodgy seat? Neither, as this is normal for a leather seat. There are many leather products available in the UK which will aid in the reduction of water being absorbed. However, a waterproof cover is a more realistice option for keeping the seat dry.

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