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Hi guys, female rider here that doesn’t know much about engines. My mc22 is over heating, got my dad to look at it & he thinks the water pump needs replacing, something about water not circulating through engine.. Is this a major issue? Would it cost much to fix? Thanks guys

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  1. Check the simple things first like if fan switch works and if thermostat is stuck shut

  2. Yeah, a lot of things to check first. None of it real easy if you’re not mechanically inclined unfortunately. I’d highly recommend getting a new Chinese radiator as these will make a big difference if yours is 25yo and blocked/rusted up etc.

  3. Take out the radiator and use flashing radiator cleaner. Do Not introduce any blatant force to the radiator coz i heard its a very delicate metal. Back in philippines some radiator mechanic advise me use kerosine for flushing. Dont 4get to use moderate hi pressure hose water supply gud luck

  4. Before you do anything, check to see of hear if your radiator fan turns on when it gets hot. If it doesn’t, it pretty simple/cheap to replace switch or even install a bypass switch

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