5W-30 for 800 outlander


Thanks for adding me, just wondering if this oil is good to run in a 800 outlander

5W-30 for 800 outlander

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Answers ( No )

  1. I would not, read your owners manual.

  2. I wouldn’t run Pennzoil on a bicycle chain.

  3. Shell Rotella t6 5w40 can’t go wrong


    Is the Can am oil bad?

  4. I have to buy the can am oil dealer said if I use another type they will void my warranty

  5. Rotella t6 here too

  6. Use xps lubricants sae 5w-40 designed for Brp engines.

  7. Your dealer will have it

  8. Just use Rotella instead

  9. Any quality 0w40, 5w40 or 10w40. If you ride in cold climates, stick with 0w40.

  10. I run 10/40 diesel oil in all 3 of my machines for years… use cheaper oil and change more frequently, that goes for the whole machine!!!

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