30 inch tires for Can Am Defender


question to the clutch professionals!!

I decided 30 inch tires to assemble, the tires CST dingo in 30x10x14 should next week come.

actually I wanted to 17 inch rims have my merchant has me discouraged and recommend me 14-15 inch rims.

I will my old MSA m20 rims use, which are 14×7 rims all around, a liftkit is already installed!

now to my question, do I have my clutch change, ie a EPI clutch kit 30-inch wheels buy?

otherwise is my xt in the original stock , would like to do not like the new machine damage

Thanks for helping

30 inch tires for Can Am Defender

30 inch tires for Can Am Defender

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  1. I run 31 on mine and no lift with no problems.

  2. Clutch kit would help

  3. Unless your going to go up to a 35′ or bigger tire I wouldn’t touch the clutch.
    I ran 35′ tires for a year with no issues. I did how ever use low range more. But 30′ tires would be fine on stock clutching.

  4. CAPS4 primary and a QRS3 secondary will really get that machine in a good rpm range. EPI Performance.

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