Just received my S3 springs.


Got a question. Just received my S3 springs. I have a 2018 XT HD 10 Crew. I bought the springs for both back & front. These little aluminum spacers sitting beside the box that they included…are they used on the front shocks on the XT application? I’ve heard they’re just for the XMR applications. Thanks for any input

Just received my S3 springs.

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  1. I have a 19 xmr and they sent them with my kit as well…when I called they told me that they were not needed for my year and model

  2. They are for the Cab, XMR, and Lonestar models. If you don’t have any of those models, then they were accidentally put into the box. Feel free to call us tomorrow whenever we are back in the office if you have any questions 855-221-7097

  3. Logan Brezina I didn’t get spacers for mine but I got y’all’s lift springs and I got a 19’xmr

  4. Front or back, any idea

  5. I’ve been considering these for mine. Kinda crappy there were no instructions at all nor any direction as to where those shims go or if the springs are directional

  6. What do a set of these run, for the 2018 Lonestar Edition?

  7. Looking forward to getting mine on this week

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