2008 Nomad 1600


Just grabbed this 2008 nomad 1600 anyone have any info about these bikes also looking for an intake

2008 Nomad 1600

2008 Nomad 1600

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  1. Try this site – Should keep you reading for quite a while. For intakes – research the Cadmann. http://www.vulcangadgets.com/

  2. Great bikes, change the oil and fluids, and tires and ride on! My 05 has 108,000 miles and still runs Strong! Enjoy! Gadgets site is awesome!

  3. Hell of a bike. You’re going to love it.

  4. I had a 2002 Vulcan classic 1500FI before this bike

  5. You can find all the info you want and ask any question on our VRA Forum page. http://www.vulcanriders.us All for Free

  6. Great bike. Love my 07.

  7. I have the same bike. Love it..

  8. Mines a 2008 1600 classic…your bike is sexy …congratulations wish mine was a nomad

  9. Great looking bike! Black is a sexy colour! I love Nomad’s… my 06

  10. Facebook.com/vulcan1600scoots

  11. Love my 2008, she is very strong and rids like a champ. I ride mine every chance I can. Great bike

  12. Install cam chain tensioner extensions when higher mileage has been achieved on your odometer

  13. Love my bike!!! Iv hade it about 3 yrs!!

  14. Vance and hines true duell work and sound great!!!

  15. How much did u spend

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