What boots do you all use while riding?


What boots do you all use while riding?
Do you wear your riding boots when not riding?
I can carry more gear if i can find a more well rounded and versatile boot that will be good at both riding as well as everyday wear.
Your thoughts?

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  1. I wear laced combat boots. I like the support of the lace and the light weight. I always take my boots off and put on good tennis shoes or similar when not riding.

  2. I wear my redwing lineman boots heavy duty

  3. I wore TCX Infinity boots for years. Still wear them, but they are pretty worn out. I replaced them with Forma Adventures, but I don’t like them as much. Both are comfortable, but I wouldn’t want to wear them as everyday footware.

  4. If its really hot I leave the boots in the bag and wear tennis shoes. My feet get so hot.

  5. HD boots made by wolverine.

  6. 35 years of riding, 20 Active Duty Army and 6 in law enforcement. Best boots I’ve owned… hands down. Order a half size smaller than normal. https://www.batesfootwear.com/US/en/crossover-boot/29120M.html?dwvar_29120M_color=E08870#cgid=powersports&start=1

  7. Sidi vertigos, although getting a pair of Altberg soon

  8. Logging boots I find comfy and waterproof

  9. I wear logger boots. Fairly comfortable for hiking around in. And carry flip-flops for around camp.

  10. Combat boots

  11. I wear engineer boots, on occasion I’ll wear a combat style boot. but mostly I wear my engineer riding boots and I carry shoes for camp

  12. Cowboy boots or slip on redwing climbing boots or sneakers ……..

  13. Chippewa loggers

  14. Red Wing Loggers, my every day boot

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