Plastic insert with the new Uni Filter?


Amateur question here guys. Do I use this plastic insert with my new Uni Filter? Just not sure how it attaches to intake.

Plastic insert with the new Uni Filter?

Plastic insert with the new Uni Filter?

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Answers ( No )

  1. You also need to oil the new uni-filter before you install it.

  2. Plastic insert

  3. What’s the trick here? Every time I tighten it slips off

  4. It’s oiled well, cleaned the cover also. Thanks guys

  5. Z1000 or Z800? The throat on the 800 filter is 2.25 inches but is 2.5 inches for the Z1000.

  6. I used a piece of exhaust pipe instead of the plastic piece. It works way better!

  7. Use the insert but the lip on the end won’t work with the Uni so either grind it off or flip it around and push it all the way through the airbox fitting.

  8. Good luck getting all the airbox clips back on. I hate those things. Putting that cover back on takes longer than the entire rest of the job.

  9. Just ordered mine. Looks like I need some steel pipe!

  10. I’ve never had a issue in almost 4 years. I swap mine between 2 filters and never had issues tightening clamp or anything.
    You need degrease the rubber where clamp sets with starter fluid or something that will remove all oil . Thats what I do and clamp never slides off. No grinding or anything done to adaptor

  11. I used a inch and a half pvc coupling

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