Oil Recommendation YZF R1


About to do a service on my 5vy, I’ve always used Yamalube oil , is it worth the dollar or can you recommend something else?
Thanks in advance 👍

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  1. I was sold this… to be fair I’ve always used Silkolene on all bikes in the past.

    Can’t really go wrong. It’s golden and protects

  2. Motul 300v

  3. Morris’s lubricants 10w40 superbike great value and meets all the specs required

  4. I always use Castrol racing fully synthetic 10w40. I’ve covered 35k+ miles on road and track with no issues. Changed yearly with a hi flo filter.. you can get it from any Halfords, same day.

  5. Nicely dressed what oil should I use question 👌🤣🤣

  6. Liqui-moly 5-40


    We stock and use Motul, I cant fault it.

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