Is that not included on the 2016 xtrainer?


Picked up my new Xtrainer from the dealer last Friday. Took it on some tough terrain over the weekend and it handled it great. I am impressed with Xtrainer so far. I am not impressed with my riding skills. The bike only went down once, went down pretty hard on the right side. I was there to brake it's fall though. So far I put the Cycra Probend handguards with BRP mounts and BRP threaded inserts on. I also put on the heavier springs. I have radiator guards, skidplate and pipe guard on the way. A seat may be next.

I do have a question. On page 8 of the owners manual at the bottom it talks about a hexagon wrench 3 and the socket wrench (8mm). Is that not included on the 2016 xtrainer? There is nothing where the picture shows it. Also what exactly would that tool be used for?

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  1. Ken I had the same question about the tool shown in the photo on page 8. Then I found those same tools in the toolkit that came wit the bike. I'm still not sure why they'd suggest storing those particular tools in that location.

  2. Get a linkage guard! Rocky Mountain was cheaper than factory, same brand

  3. I think i got one with mine?
    Id really have to check though.
    I added tools so i dont remember.
    Congrats on bike though!

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