Harley risers on Honda shadow, anyone used before??


Harley risers on Honda shadow, anyone used before??

Iv got some 8″ harley risers and I’m just thinking out loud here

Have done a little reading and found out harley riser bolts are 1/2 and shadow 12mm so you can buy the adaptor bolts but the riser caps on Harley are single piece can I just cut then single peice into 2 and shape them up?

Riding a 750 spirit

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  1. I have Harley risers , just needed to drill the holes a little bigger to fit the Harley riser bolts

  2. Have read that aswell , would only be slightly bigger hole wouldn’t it

  3. I drilled one but ended up popping them out and letting a machinist finish the work. It was done for free that way too. Sealed them back in place with some rubber sealant.

  4. 12 mm is 1/2 inch ..

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