Harley Davidson Electra Glide Seat Recommendations


Any recommendations on a saddle to replace the stock seat on my 14 Ultra Limited? Need more Comfort!

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  1. Corbin Dual Tour

  2. Take the cover off, remove half the shitty foam and replace it in the same proportion with memory foam (cooler than gel). Remove a little bit of foam directly under your tailbone. Re-staple the cover back on. Done. $30. Send half the $600 you just saved to me!

  3. Harley hammock

  4. Air Zeplin

  5. Yea,The Hammock. I’m about 280 and can ride all day on it.

  6. LOL, just how much more comfortable do you guys need? I’m 60 and can ride my stock seat (2014 Limited) for 8 hours a day no problem. May I suggest a car seat? (Just busting balls)

  7. I fitted a tall boy seat and use a air hawk cushion for long trips.

  8. Save your money on Air Hawk products, I bought both front and rear for my Harley Ultra Classic…. only last a few years before the seats split at the seams…. Tried different glues, to no avail…. Not worth what I paid for them, that’s for sure, But they worked wonderful before they blew the seams.

  9. Corbin, I put one on my 07 and still ride it. 90K miles and still in good shape.

  10. Mustang Summit seats are worth every penny.

  11. I heard mustang seats were good.. I’m limited on choices due to being short…

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