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Anyone here have an enclosed trailer and treated the floor with anything like a sealant or epoxy? If so what did you use and any pics of it? I have an 18′ enclosed trailer with 3/4″ plywoord flooring and i will be storing my 2 quads inside it all year long and after out riding the snow mud and water drips off quads so i want to protect the floor best as possible. thanks for your help!

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  1. I am putting lanoleum down on my floor! Planned to doing today but it didn’t stop raining

  2. I used Thompson’s Water Seal. Like for a wood deck. It soaks in and doesn’t seam slippery.

  3. I used behr deckover, held up great to the wheelers all summer. Now it’s mostly covered by guides and matts for the sleds. But even if i miss a guide, the carbides dont cut through the paint. S

  4. Second photo

  5. I used POR bed liner

  6. Just put some indoor outdoor carpet be done

  7. Yes, used deck paint in our utility trailer converted to toy hauler. Has held up for several years.

  8. Make sure it is ventilated or it will rust very fast

  9. Go online and buy yourself some Raptor Bed Liner, super easy to work with, sprays on just like factory and you’ll LOVE the finish.

  10. Yyp second bed liner easy clean and wont be slick

  11. Deck paint will be fine

  12. I have used a deck paint from menards. It is tough and has a fine grit so it is not slippery. I think it is a Cabot brand. Great on concrete steps too. I have it on my snowmobile trailer and its holding up well. Just clean the deck well before appying.

  13. I do epoxy flooring for a living here in CT. If you use straight epoxy, it will be an ice skating rink lol. Like glass. Be sure to use some aluminum oxide

  14. thin rubber mat, like for horse trailers. pull it out and power wash it.

  15. I put down vinyl plank water proof flooring. Like you might put in a basement or bathroom. Clearance at Home Depot

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