Why is so hard to find a crank for a 06 KX250?


Hellor everybody, I have question about my bike. Why is so hard to find a crank for a 06 kx250?

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  1. Think ya can buy the complete crank from motox parts nz..

  2. I own one, 05-08 are very rare bikes

  3. Mx store have them?

  4. I'm going with Rory Bonner rare

  5. Go on FortNine they have everything

  6. Kx any years are not as easy to buy parts for as others. All bikes are relatively "rare" while cars may pound off 100,000's of thousands of any model. Bikes usually dont peak much over 10,000. When they do its usually when they produce same model year after year. A CR is way easier to get parts for aftermarket or oem.

  7. Can also use a 04-06rm250 if your talking 4 strike

  8. Just google kx250f OEM parts

  9. Then you just choose and order

  10. I second hotrods kits

  11. Have ur crank rebuilt

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