570 Outlander XMR


Anbody keep having the rear diff pinion seal keep going out and leaking..

Got a 570 Outlander xmr

570 Outlander XMR

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  1. 3rd one starting leaking. I’ve have new ones put on twice. A new rear driveshaft. Idk what the deal is with them, I was actually going to post this same question today

  2. Have you replaced the wear ring on the yoke that slides into the diff pinion seal ?

  3. I don’t think the diff seal is the problem here

  4. I have the same problem. Changed the seal close to 4 months ago, and now it started leaking again

  5. Just changed it today and put mud and wheels seal kit in it and bellows on front and back hopefully it solves the problems

  6. I know they replaced my rear drive shaft seal under warranty when I had it in for service on my 2019 450 outlander

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