2003 450 EXC Exhaust


Hi guys, what exhaust could i get for a 2003 450 exc? Got the standard can on at the minute but looking for something different.. I’ve read online that SXF cans fit.. but from which model? Thanks

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  1. That’s probably a question that would be better answered at KTMtalk.com

  2. You spelled Nathan wrong

  3. I can answer it. The 03 was last year of the twin header and its muffler will cross fit only with 03 and older RFS’s. starting in 04, every ktm 4 stroke made (560cc and below) has mufflers that are cross compatible, up to 2015 SX models and 2016 exc/xcw models. Yes, a 2015 450sxf takeoff will direct fit a 2004 250cc RFS for instance. Just the Muff, not the headers.

  4. If you want to Chad, you could replace your headers as well with a 04-07 RFS header and thereby swap to a header that will accept the 04-15 4-stroke muffs

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