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Hey guys and gals, quick question. Anyone tried to get tags and insurance on their zforce? If so, what were the steps you had to take?


RG Hamilton
We live in Idaho and had no problems whatsoever. We got it licensed with no questions from the DMV (Street Legal/and Off Road/Parks) and also got Insurance with a choice of Full Coverage or Limited Liability and for Un-Insured or Under-Insured Drivers in case they hit us. State Farm Insurance. We only needed insurance if we drove it on the Roads. Hope that helps?

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  1. Mine came with a tag, did u buy it new

  2. Mine came with a tag also

  3. My dealer in Utah installed a kit, turn signals, and license plate holder with light. It was like 450 installed. What’s the riding in North Carolina? Any place worth the drive down from Pittsburgh?

  4. Insurance, I went through Geico. Tags I obtained through the standard process via the dealer.

  5. we have tags and insurance for ours. tags were required, insurance depends on where your going to ride and if you have a loan. tags are required by our state but we cannot ride on the road with it. different tags then cars/trucks.

  6. Yea mine was brand new. Paid cash so no loan. Mine has signals and the license plate holder. Just wanted to see if was some drawn out process to get it street legal here in NC.

  7. Plate when i bought mine and tag. Insurance through riders. Cheapest around.

  8. All states are different. Farmers for insurance. $190/yr. Tags for off road and city/county roads.

  9. Hey guys, thanks for all the great info. Ill have to check it out. Hopefully that means it wont be all that difficult after all

  10. Yes and yes\n\nTagged and street legal in TN on roads under 55mph. Full coverage insurance as well.

  11. Since the MSO does NOT state that it is an off-road vehicle only. You can play your cards right and license it just like a car for hwy use. Make sure you have D.O.T Approved tires, turns and high mount 3d brake light.

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