ZForce 800ex keep having over heating problems!


Question? I have a 2016 ZForce 800ex and keep having over heating problems. Water pump has already been replaced once. The fan has power to it but won’t come on. I can ride for about half hour before the bars are one from over heating and flashing. Anyone else experienced issues?

ZForce 800ex keep having over heating problems!

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  1. The thermo switch for fan is most likely shot. It is located in the upper passenger side part of the radiator. Unplug it and jump the plug out with a small paper clip. If the fan is good, it will run as soon as you turn on the key. If it does, order a switch, it’s simple to replace. I did this when I was out riding in northern Wisconsin hell and gone from anywhere. Left the jumper in and finished my ride. Fan just runs all the time….

  2. Thermo switch and install a switch to bypass it

  3. I can manually turn my fan of if needed

  4. Yes it’s the thermo switch mine did the same thing changed it been fine ever since

  5. I also changed out the stock coolant with Prestone 50/50 mix hasnt had an overheating issues since

  6. Have you changed out the sensor switch in the side of the radiator check that

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