ZForce 800 Water Pump Issues


Learned yesterday that about 1 put of 3 zforce 800 (all others plus Uforce may be included) have water pump issues. The seal is bad. If you see coolant leaking call your dealer ASAP.

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  1. 800 miles on my 15 zforce and leaking. Warenty.

  2. Call you local dealer. I just found put yesterday when mine started leaking. CF Moto did not announce it and sounds like they won’t. They won’t do a recall because it is not all machines. They don’t wanna spend the money to fix them all. Mine is a 17 with 45 miles on it. One month old.

  3. This is old news and cfmoto will honor it if you have problems getting it fixed its your dealer not cfmoto

  4. They are going to replace it

  5. Mine started leaking around 300 miles, they replaced it every now and then it leaks a little but its design to keep sand and mud outta that seal if it leaks constantly then it needs replaced

  6. My 15 starting leaking at 1500 miles, took to my dealer to fix, they want over $500 to repair

  7. In my zforce also drips, but it is very little, it is not worth disarming so much for this failure, it is quite complicated to change the seal of the pump.

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