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I have to ask this again, as I am finding I am not getting anything close to the 200 miles per Tank I was told to expect in my new ZForce 800 EX by someone on one of these CFMoto FB Pages. I have filled the tank 2 times already with the 3rd started at only 105 Miles on it? How do YOU use your machine and what type of Range do you get on a Tank? It also sucks in Shifting (Very Clunky and Difficult…sometimes I have to give it a “dab of throttle” then be able to shift into another Gear)…especially in on a Hill – can’t wait to take it in for its first check-up

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  1. Too much throttle

  2. I have feel my bike up I think two and a half times 270 miles on machine

  3. I heard that Prius gets good mileage…. I never expect offroad vehicles to get good gas mileage

  4. I don’t know about you but mine runs on SMILES per gallon HAHAHAHA

  5. RG Hamilton if you only got 105 miles on 3 tanks of gas then yes something is wrong. Were you in 4wd the whole time, what size tires, how heavy payload?

  6. Is anyone else’s machine clunky on the shifter

  7. I only ever checked mine once but i got 22mpg but honestly on a machine like this its going vary a lot. Things like mud , a lot hills will eat fuel quick . If your just easy cruising speed all day you may get 25 plus mpg. Gauging a machine like this for mpg is dumb imo. \nAs far as your shift issue . Make sure you press the brake firmly before trying to shift it to another gear. If it doesn’t come out gear ,.DONT FORCE IT. Tap throttle , hit brake and it pops out gear very easy. Most of us will tell you, more miles you get the better it gets. If your clunking the gears your not shifting it right. When you 1st start your machine , NEVER immediately shift it to another gear. Wait till rpms drop then with foot on brake and button squeezed in shift it to the desired gear. If your having trouble with LOW , say you put in low and start to go and it jumps out , your shift linkage rod needs adjusted, lengthened . To think this is just a cfmoto issue is dumb also, my uncle has a polaris rzr 800 with new trans and he still can never get his out gear easy unless he uses two hands .

  8. I only get about 125 in tough going. Maybe 150 max on easy running.

  9. I heard on a video blog once (SXS Blog I think was the name of their videos) that as a rule of thumb figure 100 miles to a tank on any SXS. I haven’t owned mine long enough to have guaged it yet, but here’s a quick story. Back in the early 2000’s when I was snowmobiling I owned three sleds because I brought the kids along as well. When gas went to $1.25 a gallon I said to myself, if the price gets any higher I’m not gonna be able to snowmobile anymore, but there I was 10 years later in the Northwoods of Maine pumping it in to three sleds at four dollars a gallon.\nBottom line is, if you can afford the machine you can afford the gas. I just put more in when it starts blinking.

  10. I have 1400 miles on mine. And only get 70 to 80 miles on a tank full. And all my riding is done in the desert

  11. About 90 miles on my u force 800 up in ak riding in mountains w 2000 trouble free miles

  12. The shifting may be due to a misadjusted shifter rod. It has happened several times before to people

  13. Look at his picture guys he’s high in elevation.

  14. If the idle is to high it will cause hard shifting. Should be around 1400 rpm.

  15. High elevation and riding in snow it will suck the fuel. That said if it hard to shift have the make sure your idle is in spec and the clutches are disengaging.

  16. I get between 25-30 mpg riding desert /mountain trails running at 5-25 mph and at 3000 – 7000 ft, which is about as fast as conditions allow …… and we ride with another couple riding Kubota.

  17. Mileage=pedal depression…low mileage=high fun high mileage=high funeither way its fun when on the Z-Force

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