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I have a question on a 2015 Z800EX. The tube under the water pump is pushing coolant out but not steady only after I have run it and then park it. I was thinking the pump may be bad. I still have the same thermostat switch and the fan does come on and the temp is under 1/2 way up and never has overheated. Is it an easy fix? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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  1. It’s the water pump seal..

  2. You can download the service manual at the CFMoto forum.

  3. A lot of people who have owned them for a while say it is normal until the seal actually seats and seals properly. Just watch your coolant level and if it drops too low fill it up.if it actually leaves a puddle under the machine then you have an issue. Mine is doing the same thing but the coolant level has not dropped and there is no puddle under it.
    Although, yours is a 2015 model which did have that water pump issue and mine is a 2017 and I am told that they remedied the problem.

  4. Some of the 17’s had that same issue. Mine did.

  5. My first 2016 did the same had to end up replacing seal.

  6. Definitely water pump seal. They have a new updated seal . Basically a washer with a spring. To light of a spring so not enough pressure to seal it. If its letting puddles it needs replaced. If its out warranty id still talk to your dealer, this is a known issue and cfmoto is known to replace it even if warranty is up.

  7. I have a 2016 z800 and also noticed a small leak after a ride. Small leak from the tube underneath the water pump. I notice that after two trips of riding the coolant reservoir is a little low and it has to be filled. Glad to see that this is a fixable issue. Although I am concerned tghat it’s leaking slowly with the low mileage. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the part needed. Thanks

  8. I called the dealer and cfm will cover the seal but not the labor. Does 4 to 6 hrs sound right to change it?

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