Z1000SX Oil Recommendation


Hello, what kind of oil do you guys recommend for the Kawasaki Z1000SX?

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Answers ( 10 )

  1. I’m using motorex swiss company

  2. Motul 300v. Use it in all of my bikes.

  3. I normally use 10w40 Castrol Power one racing fully synthetic However Opie oils had some full synth Shell Advance on sale earlier in the year so I used that. Having said that any oil 10w40 that meets the reccomended specification in the manual will do.

  4. On the motul scale 7100 is good enough but if you wanna be the splendid one there s plenty of choice that costs more . I bet almost any oil is good enough, just don’t go too cheap, oil is important and you have a 1000 140hp motor. I used to love bardhal but cannot find it here where I live.

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