Z1000 Paddock Stand Problem


Has any one had trouble with paddock stand bobbins hitting the standard exhaust on a gen 3 look like chain side may hit.

Dave Jones 5 years 7 Answers 1111 views 0

Answers ( 7 )

  1. No, but I’ve scratched my swingarm. Bought a different stand.

  2. Use an abba stand, much better imo.

  3. Mine scratched the swinging arm as well

  4. I bought hooks off eBay for paddock stand

  5. Scratched swing arm don’t use it anymore R & G elevation

  6. I’ve just bought an Abba stand with front lift bar. Won’t be using a paddock stand again.

  7. My left hand bobbin hit the exhaust on my SX and snapped the mount of my swingarm ? Only cause I had a pillion on

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