Z1000 Engine Cut Out at Idle


Just throwing it out there , has anyone ever experienced random engine cut out at idle especially when warm on a gen 3 , spoke to the dealer I bought it off who said it’s probably either the micro switch on the clutch lever or on the kick stand , I’ve given them a clean and a spray tonight , but he’s said if the problem persists he’ll send me some new switches , your thoughts people ?? Incidentally as soon as it cuts out you hit the button and fired up instantly and your away , just a pain when your waiting at a roundabout , gap appears and you stall ?

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  1. I get that on my 2014, normally when it’s cold. My drive is on a steep incline when I get to the point where it levels out it almost always cuts out. I suspect the side stand cut out switch.

  2. Get it on my 13 plate when it’s hot , same thing hit the switch and it fires straight back up

  3. Gen3 here ridden all year, all weather. Never had it happen. Now I’m worried it will. Lol.

  4. It’s like any electrical Fault , if it stops the bike and stays stopped your gonna find it , but when it only lasts a second or so , hell of a job to trace it .. glad yours is behaving tho Pete ????

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