Z Force 800 Electricity Problem Need Help


Good day. Z Force 800. Was running fine this morning for about 1/2 hour. Parked it for 10 minutes. Went to start it again..nothing…guages light up but just makes ticking sound. made sure it was in gear. Even had foot on the brake.

Considered boosting it so read the manual about the battery. Says its under front hood but when i open it up i just see the coolant and windshield washer resevoirs. Am i missing something.

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  1. I had the same problem with my cforce 500 eventually it’ll correct itself but if you want to make it right now disconnect the negative battery terminal reconnect it and you’re fine probably

  2. Battery is behind a cover in the front side of the rear left wheel well. Try in neutral. If still clicks check all battery cables while cover is off. Has two 10mm headed bolts,.

  3. Make sure the kill switch on the dash isn’t flipped to shut off

  4. Fixed. Took off battery cover. Cleaned terminals as they were caked with dirt. Made sure they were tight. Turned over first crank. Thank you all

  5. You have a windshield washer reservoir?????

  6. Yup aftermarket cab might be part of that set up, has wiper. Mostly used in farm and plowing

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