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I have a z force 500. I have a starting problem. It will start right up run a few seconds and shut off then I have to restart it. Almost like a carburetor motor. Does it when it is warm and cold. A few times it wouldn’t fire at all just had to keep trying and it finally took off. Dealer is thinking maybe valves need adjustment but not sure. Any suggestions?

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  1. Valves…that’s ridicules…they may need adjusting but that won’t just kill it after it starts. Check the fuel pump, its line voltage and pressure, check electrical connections- voltage to coils. Is the Mil light flashing? If so, check sensors and ECM. Also flip the kill switch back and forth a few times..it may have a bad connection.. The manual has most of this in it.

  2. Fuel pump sounds normal but will have them check it out. No mil light flashing and I’ve flipped kill switch back and forth but doesn’t make any difference. Just seems to act like a cold nature carburetor Instead of fuel injection. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Mine does this weird thing sometimes when I put it into reverse and touch the gas it just dies. Starts right back up and doesn’t do it again for a while but I found when it does this if I pull and check the air temp sensor, it’s covered with oil from the filter..which I am carful not to over-oil..but somehow it get on it..and after I spray it down with mass air flow sensor cleaner and reinstall it, I don’t have the problem for a very long time. Not sure how or even if it’s related but I though I would toss that little factoid in there.

  4. I am the owner of Smithfield Powersports. I have had this problem with a few of my customers. It’s in the fuel injection, and only with the 500’s. So what I have found is that the throttle positioning sensor is reading 17% throttle at closed throttle body. If you take the two bolts out of the tps, slot the holes, turn the tps to 0-5% at closed throttle, then tighten the bolts back, your problem will go away. I have performed this on quite a few 500 sxs, works every time. So what’s happening is the computer is throwing fuel to match 17% throttle when in reality it’s 0%, this is way to rich, you can test this on yours by flooring the throttle when it is hesitant to start. Your giving air when you push the pedal down, then the tps tells the computer “hey I need more fuel”. This way you have enough air to match the fuel being thrown at the engine. I hope I have explained this clear enough. Hope it helps.

  5. Thank you. I will tell my dealer.

  6. Try isolating the fuel pump from the wiring harness. We had to do that with a ZForce .

  7. I know 2 z500 that had dirt in the gastank, they run for longer time but, they checkt a lot of things before they found the fault. This machines was sold new with This dirt in the tanks. Worth cheking out anyway.

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